The power of positivity..

My friend Julie and I (who I work with) are doing this new thing..and it is all about NOT complaining. If you have something negative to say, don’t say it at all or spin it around to put it in a positive light! Right after we had this conversation we went to clean under the treadmills, which as you can probably understand, isn’t the greatest task, but we had so much fun doing it!! Instead of complaining we put everything in a positive light. At first, we were a bit sarcastic, but as time went on we were genuinely havingĀ  a great time! 21 days to break a habit..remember that. We are going to conquer this goal and be happier for it! Although, I have had many road blocks in just a few hours..

So I sent someone who lives very far from me some cookies in the mail earlier this week and he got them this afternoon and said thank you..in a text..and thats it. I mean really? I sent them to him because he has been having a rough time lately. I was upset that he didn’t express more appreciation, but I really thought about it and came to this conclusion..I didn’t send him cookies to make ME feel better. I sent those to him because I wanted HIM to feel better. I don’t need a thank you at all, but he gave me one and I am going to be happy with that. It’s crazy that I sent him those expecting nothing, but in the back of my mind I actually did expect something. Besides, what can he really say besides thank you? Selflessness is sometimes a hard mountain to climb, but I will ruck my way on up there :)

Have an amazing week everyone!!

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